Leading your Business to Evolution.

Spend less than you earn and invest the difference in appropriate investments.

Who Are We?

KP Advisory Sdn Bhd is one of leading providers of business valuation and financial advisory services in Malaysia. We provide services with the aim of maximizing shareholder value for our clients, investors and partners. Thus, We are committed to put the benefits of our clients first and sourcing the best and most appropriate financial products from multiple providers in the market to meet our clients’ financial needs.

Our Services

Business Advisory

We understand they key financial drivers our client’s business and find opportunities for growth. Beside that, we also help you understand the impacts of the business on personal wealth and lifestyle goals.

Financial Advisory

We work closely with our clients to provide financial advice and expertise specific to the individual company in the aspect of improve cash-flow in this business, looking for investment opportunities that will provide good return and also least amount of risk legally and ethically reduce the tax bill
of this corporation.

Loan Consultant

We work with financial institutions or businesses and assist our clients with, SME Working Capital Loan, Bridging Loan, Trade Facility and Highly professional business loan consulting


We equipped with the knowledge and expertise to advise and guide our client at its growth stage of its business lifecycle, or an established company seeking to expand through an IPO. We are assisting for preparation and planning, aimed at maximising shareholder value, whilst ensuring
credibility, continued investor confidence and long term business sustainability, post listing.

Our Core Value

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect and trust professional


Personal and community relationships


Shared commitment and contribution to the vision, strategy and goals of the organisation

Continuous Learning

We’re not just about gaining new skills, we learn from our experiences and seeing failure as the path to success.


We willing to learn new things, take on new challenges and make adjustments to suit transitions in the job


We value honesty and consistency in our words and actions so our clients and candidates can trust us to get the job done.


Why Choose Us?


We provide impartial advice to our clients. Our advice is based on an understanding of the client’s current financial situation, future plans, needs, goals and attitude to risk.


We believe in a transparent business model and focus on customer privacy. When it comes to your money, you need to know about it, which is why communication is a key part of our commitment to customer service.

Customer Experience

We do this by understanding our clients and providing what is best for them. We never stop learning and improving because we listen to and value our clients’ needs.

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